Playford Historical Society

The Playford Historical Society is currently on hold.  If you are interested in being involved please contact me.

The City of Playford (former Munno Para and Elizabeth Council area) has a rich and diverse local history, but everyday history is being lost, people pass away or move without having their knowledge recorded, or material may get thrown out because it’s not considered important.
The Historical Society is a voluntary organisation that collect, research, interpret and preserve information of historical interest. We will support the work that the City of Playford does, and endeavour to promote the wonderful history of this area.

The group has adopted a history project, Smithfield 150 years ago, 1865.  Research is to be carried out on the original settlement, who lived where etc.
Currently a standing committee has been formed to help establish the society.  We will formally launch the society as part of History Month in May 2014. 

We are looking for more people to be involved.  If you have some time and or a particular area of expertise we would love to have you onboard. If you would like to be kept upto date with what the Society is doing, send us your email address.

Aims of Society
  • To arouse interest in and to promote the study and discussion of the history of Playford and South Australia.
  • To promote the preservation of material relating to that history and encourage community access to that material.
  • To assist in the preservation of buildings and sites, significant to Playford.
  • Co-operate with similar societies and other bodies throughout Australia.

The Historical Society will hold monthly meetings from February to December.  These will be in the City of Playford Civic Centre, the first Wednesday of the month, from 2:00 – 4:00pm.  The meeting will include the formal meeting, followed by a planned programme of lectures where guest speakers are invited to present an address on relevant and topical subjects

The public are welcome to attend the monthly meetings.
Annual membership cost

$15 single
$25 couple

If you have any questions about the Society or would like to join, then please contact;

Daina Pocius
Heritage Coordinator
City of Playford Library
Ph: 8256 0382

Postal address

12 Bishopstone Road
Davoren Park  SA  5113


  1. Diana,

    Do you have, or are planning on implementing a Historical photograph collection which submitted by the general public?

    Would be similar to one in my old home town

    Of which I have submitted many old photos from my Genealogical background.


    Anthony Halliwell

  2. Hello Anthony
    The City of Playford does have an extensive photographic collection which is compiled from donations and Council photographs. We are currently placing them online through the Library catalogue. So far we have 2500 online. You can view them from here.

  3. Hi daina my name is margaret nee collis i am a TPP and grew up in elizabeth fields blight st around 1965 to 1968 then moved to smithfield plains up to 1973 then to Sydney NSW i was in a marching club with my sister and my mum was the chaperone my marching girls colours were brown and creamy yellow my sisters blue and white .I also joined the brownies club in elizabeth fields. One of my sisters and two brothers live in Devoun which eas called elizabeth West back then love to hear more post on the clubs .Thank you for my memories flooding back reading this post.