Monday, April 3, 2017

Song of Elizabeth

In 1986, Scotsman Bill Paterson summed up his love for Elizabeth in a song. The City of Elizabeth ran a competition as part of the States Jubilee 150 committee, offering a $500 prize.  Bill a marine engineer and avid musician won the competition.

The song was performed by the Caledonian choir at Elizabeth and District Foundation state dinner on 27th September.
Song of Elizabeth
Far from the shore where the land was bare, seed was sown by those who care
To build their homes in the wide open space, folk came from more than one place.
They made a city and started anew, British and Greek just to name a few.
Now we have pride and community strength, here in Elizabeth.

Oft times I hear the magpie cry, down in the glen or flying high
Emotion felt because of this, is heaven on earth, so full of bliss.
I can’t forget that haunting sound, majestic gums stand all round.
And the sun sinks in the west, all nature’s gems will go to rest.
Let us look forward to our future years, working and living, allaying our fears.
With folks a-willing to see it all through, knowing that’s what they must do.
Now join together and sing this refrain, sing it all
Sing it again and again.
This is our city and you must agree, were part of this Jubilee.

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