Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hillbank homestead

Scammell's Homestead" c.1890 – mesmerizing sandstone return verandah estate of sprawling proportions, sited on 1,880sqm (approx.) This is how the real estate agent has described the homestead which is currently up for sale. It is known as the Scammell homestead such named as it was owned by the family for 30 years. The Scammell family is of course well known for managing F.H Faulding & Co.

Alice E. Scammell purchased the property in 1931. Alice Elizabeth Scammell nee Fuller married Robert Gray Scammell. Robert was the son of Luther Robert Scammell, the managing director of F.H Faulding & Co (Chemists) since 1889 until his death in 1940. Robert was also a managing director of Faulding’s with his brother.

The 300 acre property was called “Hillbank”, where sheep and peas were grown. The land was subdivided and laid out as Hillbank by the Scammell family in 1961.

Previous to this, George Sheerlock of Hindmarsh received the original land grant in 1848. In 1867 it was sold to EA Wright an Adelaide land agent. He sold it the following year to Thomas Williams who leased the property to William B. Wall and later John H Loftes of One Tree Hill, then James P. Martin of Gawler. In 1895 it was purchased by William H Johnson and G.L Johnson. In 1903 Lisle G. Johnson of Adelaide purchased it until 1907 when Sydney Charles Harrington purchased in. It remained with home until 1925 when Ernest James Hum of Adelaide purchased it. He only had it three years before William Snell of Salisbury purchased it in 1928.

You can view the house for sale here http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-hillbank-123977806

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