Thursday, August 4, 2016

The name of my town is Virginia


The name of my home town is Virginia.  It is a small township on the Adelaide Plains.  It is composed mostly of small cottages. There are two shops, one garage and service station, a hotel, post office, railway station, school and institute, where we celebrate Arbor Day each year. We have recently acquired a recreation ground. The bitumen road runs through the centre of the town.  Numbers of cars ran through in each direction from Adelaide to Port Wakefield and other places. About two miles from the township lies the Gawler River. It is shaded with large red gum trees, opossums live in the trunks of the trees, buds build their nests in the branches and others high up in holes of the trunks. Along its banks the land is cut into blocks for gardens, where they grow vegetables and fruit. In dry weather water is obtained by electric pumps from the river. Sand is also carted for building purposes. Hay is mostly grown here, and after it is cut it is stooked, put on wagons and taken to the haystack. It's a pretty sight to watch the men and horses at work; the smell of the hay is very sweet.

The Observer Thursday 29 January 1931 page 18

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