Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Craigmore Farm

'Craigmore' by Elders Real Estate
This beautiful stone homestead was recently sold at Uleybury.  At one time, the property known as Greentree Hill Farm and later Craigmore lay on 619 acre property.

A holding consisting of several sections (Section 4177 on which the house was built), 4178, 4174, 4175, 4179, 4180.  These sections were originally granted to several people, Robert Paterson, Thomas Ryan, Robert Thomson and John Ridley between 26 February 1850 and 2 June 1852.

By August 1859 Robert Paterson had acquired all these sections amounting to an area of 619 acres for £2,940.
Paterson owned the property until 31 August 1897 when he sold it to Melville Galbraith Smith a gentleman farmer of O’Halloran Hill.  It was not until September 1928 when Craigmore changed hands again, brought by Arnold Fraser Warren of Kingswood for £10,450.  In 1968 John Bellhouse Fuller Ifould brought ‘Craigmore’ selling it to Clement Raymond Viney and JM Viney in 1972.

In 1897 the property was consisted of ten rooms, and a cellar.  There used to be a well and a swimming pool which was later filled in. The house had been extended probably 1972 to mid 90s with a modern kitchen and extra bedroom and laundry area. 

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