Monday, May 30, 2016

One Tree Hill Primary School Newsletter - 1963

One Tree Hill Primary school produced a newsletter entitled 'Picanny Punch' in December 1963.  It contains student works, some sketches, selected compositions and a sheep and pig breeds in England map.

Here is one by Ian Simon (Dux od the school 1963)

 Munno Para District Council SSA
On April 10th we held our annual sports day.  Schools competing were Virginia, Smithfield and One Tree Hill.  The sports were opened by Mr Chapman.  In the morning, team events were held in which our schools won most points.  After this we had lunch.
Some One Tree Hill children must have enjoyed their lunch too well for during the afternoon when the individual events were decided we steadily lost ground.  In the end Virginia was the victorious school.  Still I think our school did very well when you compare the size of the schools.  Anyway we'll be trying just as hard next year.  Finally on behalf on One Tree Hill children I would like to thank Mr O'Brien and his staff for their efforts in preparing the ground for Sports Day.

Swimming by Ian Slater
There is no doubt it. The favourite lesson in our school is swimming.  Every Tuesday afternoon we visit the pool at 'Treegoodwill'.  Here we are instructed by Mrs R. Barritt for an all to brief hour. Near the end of the season we were examined for our various certificates at the Gawler Pool.  We are proud to say that since the same began no child has left the school without being able to swim. 

Thankyou Mr & Mrs J Harvey of 'Treegoodwill'. An aptly named property, I can't image a better or more practical way of spreading 'goodwill' than this.  Thankyou too Mrs Barritt for many hours of understanding and efficient instruction.

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