Sunday, March 13, 2016

Playford's Past Journal out now


Playford's Past History Journal

Volume 4 out now!

The Centenary of Anzac is an opportunity to acknowledge the service men and women involved in the First World War.  It is also an opportunity to look at those who supported the war and its efforts at home. 
No place was unaffected by war, the City of Playford was no exception.  At least 170 people enlisted in the Australian Infantry Forces from this area, from a population of 2500, with nineteen of them giving the supreme sacrifice.   The men were aged between 19 and 39, most in their early 20’s.   All but one was single.  Five men worked as labourers, three were farmers, but the list also included a butcher, cook, cabinetmaker and Police officer.  Four men became officers, three Lieutenants and one captain.
This is a special Anzac edition that looks at the local area and the nineteen men who perished. Copies are available from the Civic or Stretton branches for $10 each.
BAKER TC Richmond     
BLACKMAN Edward                     
BLENCOWE Alexander Howard 
COKER Allan Oswald                   
DAVIDSON Edgar Robert            
HATCHER Howard Sidney           
HATCHER Albert Mark                
HOOLE Harold                              
KELLY William Charles                
KING Charles Melvin                    
LAYCOCK Frederick Osmond      
McCLAREN Clarence Roy            
MOSS Alfred Hubert                    
RICHARDSON Albert James        
RIGGS Frank Leslie                       
SHEEDY James John                     
SHILLABEER  Albert                      
SHILLABEER Andrew                    
SMITHAM Charles Gordon         
STEVENS William Parr                 
TAMBLYN Charles David             
TIDMARSH Charles Edgar           
THOMPSON Leslie Howard        
WARD Arthur

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