Monday, March 21, 2016

Elizabeth Vale street names

During the stages of planning the Lyell McEwin Hospital the Housing Trust sought advice and help in planning, organising and staffing from Matron Banwell, as Matron of Salisbury Hospital, and Mr John Joel who became the first Administrator of the Hospital, along with Drs John Rice and Frank Trembath, both of whom practised in Salisbury.  The Trust looked further afield to established hospitals and included Dr Wallace of the Whyalla Hospital on their panel of consultants.  Then they also approached the Matrons and Assistant Matrons together with some of the nursing sisters from Calvary Hospital, Royal Adelaide Hospital, St Andrew’s Hospital and Memorial Hospital, to give advice.

Streets in the Elizabeth Vale area are named in their honour.

Matron Banwell
People who advised on hospital design
Banwell Street Matron Lyell McEwin 1959 – 1973, 1975
Burley Road       Secretary, Private Hospitals Assoc 
Cameron Road  Matron, St Andrews hospital
Clarke Street      Assistant Matron, Memorial hospital,
Davidson Road              Administration, Memorial hospital
Durdin Road                  Tutor Sister, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Joel Crescent                  Administator Lyell McEwin Hospital
Justinian Street             Sister, Calvary Hospital
Kennedy Street              Assistant Matron, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Knowles Road                Matron, Memorial Hospital
Marcian Avenue             Sister Marcian, Calvary Hospital
Mark Road                     Mother Superior, Calvary Hospital
Rollison Road                Director General, Medical Services
Siddall Road                  Architect in Chief (SA Governemnt)
St Leonard crescent    Sister Leonard (Calvary Hospital), prefix St added later to overcome duplication in Elizabeth Park
Trembath Road             Dr Frank Trembath
Wallace Street              Dr Wallace (Whyalla Hospital )

Sir Lyell McEwin, Minister of Health, with Mr John Joel,
 first Administrator of the hospital.

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