Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Rigg family of One Tree Hill

Henry John Riggs
Henry was born on 18th November 1832 in Dorset.  At the age of 22 he immigrated to South Australia on board the Thomas Arbuthnot.  On arrival he worked as a labourer at 24 he married Mary Ann Bond.

He carried on a butchering business in his early days, but later devoted himself to farming. Henry took up farming, building a homestead on the One Tree Hill Road, about four kilometres from Gawler.  The homestead was named Bentley and one room of the large home was used as a school for the local kids that lived in the area, around the 1850 to 1900 era.  Henry became regarded as one of the best sheep men in South Australia.
He was a member of the Munno Para East Council and prominent member of the Gawler Agricultural Society. 

In 1908, aged 76 he fell from an express train at Tintinara.  He is interned in the Willaston cemetery.

Albert Henry RIGGS

Only son of the late Henry John Riggs.  He was born at Bentley, near Gawler in 30 June 1873. Albert was educated at Gawler Grammar school and at Prince Alfred College.  He worked at the Bank of Adelaide in Gawler for two years before joining his father farming.
He was a member of the Munno Para East District Council and is active member of the Liberal Union.  He took a keen interest in cricket, football and tennis. 

In 1904 he married Clara Isabella Verco and together had five children, two dying at a young age. 
He was a member of the Mounted Infantry & Rifle Club, JP, Council of Munno Para East for 22 years and six years as Chairman.

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