Monday, January 4, 2016

The first family in Elizabeth

This image of the Pinnegar family has been used on numerous occasions to do with the history of Elizabeth.  The family is credited with being the first family to move into the newly built houses in Elizabeth in 1955.  Their new home was located at 10 Bubner street, Elizabeth South.  I wrongly assumed the family would be new migrants from the UK, but they were actually all born in Adelaide.
The head of the family was Raymond Leslie Pinnegar, born 30 June 1914 at Ethelton SA.  It appears he worked as a woolpresser, and labourer before enlisting in the Royal Australian Air Force. Raymond enlisted on 26 March 1941, worked as cook, then from 1943 as an Aerodrome Defence Instructor.  He was promoted to Sergeant, stationed in Darwin and discharged 22 Nov 1945.   He passed away in 1994.  Raymond married Mavis Beatrice Tozer in 1934 and had eight children.

·       Patricia Lesley born 7 Feb 1936 Rose Park·       Lois Jean born 4 Oct 1938 Rose Park·       Gwenneth Raylee born 9 Jan 1940 Rose Park·       Brian Ray born 19 July 1941·       Gail born 16 Sept 1944·       Wayne·       Michael·       Raylee
The family rented the property from the SA Housing Trust.
Here the family admire their new stove after having just received the keys
to the house by the SAHT Chairman  JP Cartledge. This photo includes
Raymond's mother and the baby is grand daughter, Sharon.


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