Monday, November 16, 2015

Elizabeth turns 60

Elizabeth was officially inaugurated on 16th November 1955 by the Premier Sir Thomas Playford.   Today, Elizabeth turns 60.

The concept, design and implementation of the city that became Elizabeth, was a Housing Trust initiative which included unusual and ground breaking features.  These features included the Housing Trust not only building homes for people, but in addition building the required schools (first-ever Trust built school – Elizabeth South Primary 1956), shops (first Trust built shops at Elizabeth – Elizabeth South Goodman Rd 1954), hospital (Lyell McEwin Hospital, Elizabeth Grove 1959) and even factories (first-ever Trust built factory – Pinnock Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 1957).

 The Housing Trust’s 1950’s concept of creating communities, involved the creation of a community from the ground up – from 3,872 acres of initial farmland, to a thriving post-modern metropolis, Elizabeth, the city of tomorrow.

On the 50th anniversary of the City, Mayor Marilyn Baker read this poem written by well renowned local author Max Fatchen on Elizabeth.

A city grows
At high tea let me raise a cup
I have seen a city growing up
Its’ had its joys its’ had it woes
For that’s the way a city grows.

The farm land which I tried to till
they banished me through lack of skill,
and where the crops grew tall and thick,
a city rose each brick by brick.

The Councillors with furrowed brow,
had wondered what he wanted now.
They made the roads, they set the rates
and cheered the Bulldogs, all our mates.
The migrants came and some forlorn,
then fresh hope and dreams reborn.
For that’s the way a lifestyle goes
and that’s the way a city grows.

The changing times that made us fret,
the mobile phone the internet.

Theatres, churches, people praying,
trees and parks and children playing.
The pattering of little feet
as young life grew in each new street.

Consider then this verse well meant,
penned by a long term resident.
I have my pride, I hope it shows,
for dwelling where this city grows.
I fill my cup and make it strong
to toast the place where I belong.

Max Fatchen

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