Monday, October 5, 2015

Elizabeth Junior Chamber of Commerce


The Elizabeth Junior Chamber of Commerce was formed last Thursday evening at St Pauls Hall, Elizabeth North.
The Inaugural meeting was opened at 8pm by the Chairman, Keith Healey who is the President of the Sponsoring Chamber Northern Adelaide.

The meeting was addressed by Maurice Ralph, National Director of Jaycee for South Australia, Jack Smee, National Vice President and Max Cosh, past president for Port Adelaide chamber.
Maurie Ralph addressed the meeting on the international organisation of Jaycee mentioning the fact that Jaycee is the only Young Men’s organisation with a permanent Observer at the United Nations.

Jack Smee in his address spoke of the National level of Jaycee appertaining to Australia which is one of the most active countries in the world in the Jaycee organisation.
Max Cosh addressed the meeting on Jaycee, its chamber level and expressed the importance of leadership training.

At question time, several interesting questions were asked of the three Speakers from a large and attentive audience of over 200 people. Many  being from other chambers in SA, Barossa and Port Adelaide  being particularly noticeable.
Peter Van Tenac was elected President of the new chamber, Graham Mitchell, Vice President, Chook Chandle,r Secretary and Wes Page, Treasurer.  Peter Van Tenac has been the guiding hand and in the formation of the new Chamber being the Chairman of the Extension Committee from North Adelaide.  He has been enthusiastic at having being elected to the Council of the new Chamber.

The councillors are Merv Rodgers, Tony Lindford, Jeff Lowen, Jeff Barker, Ian Pearce and John Ford.
The new President was then presented with the Presidents badge and the J.C.I. Shield by Jack Smee National Vice-President. Peter Van Tenac then carried on as Chairman of the meeting.

The new Chairman then called upon the Guest Speakers to address the meeting.
Mr R.W, Boswell, the Controller of Weapons Research Establishment expressed this thanks for being allowed to speak and drew the attention of the meeting to the importance of Jaycee to the community and just one Jaycee project with which he was familiar.  Apprentice of the Year for Australia which a W.R.A. apprentice won last year.

Mr Bowey the Chairman of the District Council of Salisbury, welcomed the new Chamber to the district and promptly requested that the new Chamber send representatives to a Nationalisation Ceremony to be held in Salisbury, 8th August.  Peter Van Tenac assured his that the new Chamber would be represented.

The third Speaker, Mr Kaethner of S.A.H.T himself a past Jaycee member welcomed the new Chamber on behalf of the Trust and expressed his hopes for a successful future.
A vote of thanks to Guest Speakers was given by Lloyd Marsh, Vice President North Adelaide J.C.  The President of the new Chamber then announced that the first meeting of the new Chamber would be held at the St. Peters College Mission Hall, Elizabeth Centre at 8pm 9th August. He also thanked all those organisations that sent their good wishes for a successful Inaugural meeting.

The Jaycee Creed then read by Ian Hoyle N.A. and the National Anthem played.
The meeting was then closed and everyone then retired for an excellent supper which had been prepared by the wives of Jaycee members.

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