Friday, October 23, 2015

Elizabeth bands of the 1960's

John E. Broome and the Handels

Formed in Adelaide, 1964, disbanded 1966.
Probably one of the first so called super groups to come out of Adelaide.

The Adelaide based group mainly from the northern suburbs of Adelaide played at "The Octagon" and the "Salisbury Youth Centre" weekly in Elizabeth during the mid sixties.
Members included
Johnny Broome alias David Parsons (The Moose)  - Vocalist
Kevin Peek – Guitar.
Laurie Pryor – Drums, formerly with the Spartans. 
Alan Tarney - Bass

The group left for England in November 1965.  They played at many venues in England, one noted venue was "The Maque Club", a well established venue where most artists frequented.
Laurie Pryor wrote the song "Young Girl" on the ship on the way to England which was later recorded by "The Twilights" when he was with the them in 1967.

The Handels records include.
Do's And Dont's / Didn't Know Her Name.- Released May 1965.

Both of these songs were written by Alan Tarney. Side B, vocals by Alan Tarney. The song reached number 41 in 5DN's Big 60 for four weeks.
With the group disbanding most went separate ways.
Kevin Peek later joined the group "Sky" which became a world wide success.
Alan Tarney, originally from England in which he returned to England and recorded with Trevor Spencer, an Adelaide drummer as "Tarney and Spencer".
The duo had minor success and later Alan Tarney would become successful in writing songs for Cliff Richard and other major artists.
Alan also played for some time with "The Shadows".

The Vikings
Rhythm and Blues band.  They had attached large crowds to their dances at the Hydaway Club, Elizabeth North and Para Hills.  Let by Kevin Steele who used to sing with the Vectormen.  Colin Ford (Lead signer), John Nalstrom (lead guitar), Bob Harison (bass), John Phillips (drums), Ray Clayton (bass).

The D Coys
Or the dynamic D Coys as they were named since they released a hit on the charts.  Alistair Innes, Kevin Smith (formerly a member of the Viscounts) and Darryl Hanson.  Third record ‘Come running’.

The TitansGirl group. Caroline, Kay, Rosemary

The BeatcombersBest known for their rendition of Rolling Stones and Beatle numbers. Rodney Scott (rhythm guitar and lead vocal), Denis Kreusler (lead guitar), Brian Bowie (bass guitar), Geoff Oakes (drums).


  1. The actual name was John E. Broome and the HANDELS (as in the composer).

  2. Thanks Bluewren for picking this up. I have made the correction.