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Elizabeth bands of the 1960’s

Elizabeth in its formulate years brought together many talented people, each with their own special set of skills.  The 1960's produced some very talented music groups which will be featured over a few posts.  I am sure I won't cover all bands, so if you have information that you can share with us please do.
TwilightsSingers Glen Shorrock and Paddy McCartney parted company with the Vectormen and joined up with the Hurricanes who changed their name to the Twilights.  Members include Terry Britten (lead guitar), Frank Barnard (drums), Peter Brideoak (rhythm) and John Byewaters (bass).

The Cliffmore sisters
The Cliffmore’sThe Cliffmore's were four sisters, Ellen, Linda, Susan and Patricia Sutcliffe.  They first started their climb to success when the family resided at Woomera.  Moved to Salisbury North and managed by their father. 
The girls had outstanding harmonies taught to them by their father who held the girls together as a family which they were and as mentioned a very good vocal group.
The girls toured South Australia and Victoria releasing two recordings for the HMV label.

Singles Include;
He’s not there - 1967
Michael Alexander – 1968

After providing backing vocals on several local records they released their own singles, which were produced by David McKay. They moved to Sydney where they sang in the clubs in Kings Cross and then to England in 1969 after meeting Barry Gibb who suggested Robert Stigwood should manage them. In England, they became The Surprise Sisters.
When The Surprise Sisters broke up, Ellen sang with her three brothers Mark, Martin & Johnny and a friend, Keith. This band produced several singles and performed in all the major clubs in London, as well as tv and also had a short stint in America.

Patricia married, became Patricia Berrell, and moved to Australia. There she signed a recording contract with Big Time Records and was produced by Charles Fisher, producer of Air Supply and more recently Savage Garden.
The Redbacks
The Redbacks were a backing group for top Australian recording start Johnny Devlin at an open air show in 1964.  Came first in the ‘Battle of the Bands’ held at the Elizabeth Skate rink in December 1964.   Peter Power is lead guitarist, lives at Gawler and studying jazz guitar.  Jimmy Spears is vocalist who has been compared to Mick Jagger.
Tommy Lindblom sings the ballad numbers.  Two former members were part of the Stingrays group, Mike McGuire and Gerry Redmond play rhythm and bass guitar.  The drummer is Glen Unwin.
The Redbacks conduct their own dance every Friday night at the Daunstey Road, Cricket clubrooms.

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