Friday, October 23, 2015

Elizabeth bands of the 1960's

John E. Broome and the Handels

Formed in Adelaide, 1964, disbanded 1966.
Probably one of the first so called super groups to come out of Adelaide.

The Adelaide based group mainly from the northern suburbs of Adelaide played at "The Octagon" and the "Salisbury Youth Centre" weekly in Elizabeth during the mid sixties.
Members included
Johnny Broome alias David Parsons (The Moose)  - Vocalist
Kevin Peek – Guitar.
Laurie Pryor – Drums, formerly with the Spartans. 
Alan Tarney - Bass

The group left for England in November 1965.  They played at many venues in England, one noted venue was "The Maque Club", a well established venue where most artists frequented.
Laurie Pryor wrote the song "Young Girl" on the ship on the way to England which was later recorded by "The Twilights" when he was with the them in 1967.

The Handels records include.
Do's And Dont's / Didn't Know Her Name.- Released May 1965.

Both of these songs were written by Alan Tarney. Side B, vocals by Alan Tarney. The song reached number 41 in 5DN's Big 60 for four weeks.
With the group disbanding most went separate ways.
Kevin Peek later joined the group "Sky" which became a world wide success.
Alan Tarney, originally from England in which he returned to England and recorded with Trevor Spencer, an Adelaide drummer as "Tarney and Spencer".
The duo had minor success and later Alan Tarney would become successful in writing songs for Cliff Richard and other major artists.
Alan also played for some time with "The Shadows".

The Vikings
Rhythm and Blues band.  They had attached large crowds to their dances at the Hydaway Club, Elizabeth North and Para Hills.  Let by Kevin Steele who used to sing with the Vectormen.  Colin Ford (Lead signer), John Nalstrom (lead guitar), Bob Harison (bass), John Phillips (drums), Ray Clayton (bass).

The D Coys
Or the dynamic D Coys as they were named since they released a hit on the charts.  Alistair Innes, Kevin Smith (formerly a member of the Viscounts) and Darryl Hanson.  Third record ‘Come running’.

The TitansGirl group. Caroline, Kay, Rosemary

The BeatcombersBest known for their rendition of Rolling Stones and Beatle numbers. Rodney Scott (rhythm guitar and lead vocal), Denis Kreusler (lead guitar), Brian Bowie (bass guitar), Geoff Oakes (drums).

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Elizabeth bands of the 1960’s

Elizabeth in its formulate years brought together many talented people, each with their own special set of skills.  The 1960's produced some very talented music groups which will be featured over a few posts.  I am sure I won't cover all bands, so if you have information that you can share with us please do.
TwilightsSingers Glen Shorrock and Paddy McCartney parted company with the Vectormen and joined up with the Hurricanes who changed their name to the Twilights.  Members include Terry Britten (lead guitar), Frank Barnard (drums), Peter Brideoak (rhythm) and John Byewaters (bass).

The Cliffmore sisters
The Cliffmore’sThe Cliffmore's were four sisters, Ellen, Linda, Susan and Patricia Sutcliffe.  They first started their climb to success when the family resided at Woomera.  Moved to Salisbury North and managed by their father. 
The girls had outstanding harmonies taught to them by their father who held the girls together as a family which they were and as mentioned a very good vocal group.
The girls toured South Australia and Victoria releasing two recordings for the HMV label.

Singles Include;
He’s not there - 1967
Michael Alexander – 1968

After providing backing vocals on several local records they released their own singles, which were produced by David McKay. They moved to Sydney where they sang in the clubs in Kings Cross and then to England in 1969 after meeting Barry Gibb who suggested Robert Stigwood should manage them. In England, they became The Surprise Sisters.
When The Surprise Sisters broke up, Ellen sang with her three brothers Mark, Martin & Johnny and a friend, Keith. This band produced several singles and performed in all the major clubs in London, as well as tv and also had a short stint in America.

Patricia married, became Patricia Berrell, and moved to Australia. There she signed a recording contract with Big Time Records and was produced by Charles Fisher, producer of Air Supply and more recently Savage Garden.
The Redbacks
The Redbacks were a backing group for top Australian recording start Johnny Devlin at an open air show in 1964.  Came first in the ‘Battle of the Bands’ held at the Elizabeth Skate rink in December 1964.   Peter Power is lead guitarist, lives at Gawler and studying jazz guitar.  Jimmy Spears is vocalist who has been compared to Mick Jagger.
Tommy Lindblom sings the ballad numbers.  Two former members were part of the Stingrays group, Mike McGuire and Gerry Redmond play rhythm and bass guitar.  The drummer is Glen Unwin.
The Redbacks conduct their own dance every Friday night at the Daunstey Road, Cricket clubrooms.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Roll up roll up, the Circus is in town

To witness a performance by a travelling circus was a memorable event, and not an uncommon site.  Circus' would often perform at larger towns outside Adelaide such as Gawler, but on occasion would stop at smaller townships such as Smithfield and Virginia.

In September 1865, Ashton's circus performed at Smithfield.  On this occasion they were at full strength, and performed to a full house.

In February 1879, Ashton's circus stopped at Virginia, performing not to a full house this time.  The township had a visit from the eminent Charles Dooner a few days previously, who showed his ‘Pantecnatheca’ (lantern show). Unlike some touring magic lantern shows, Charles Dooner stopped at many small places that, in the 1860s, could barely justify the title of township, and in most cases he set up his lanterns in the only suitable building, the local schoolroom.

On Tuesday evening in January 1862, Burton's circus enlivened the small township of Virginia, drawing up to 400 people to witness the performance.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Elizabeth Junior Chamber of Commerce


The Elizabeth Junior Chamber of Commerce was formed last Thursday evening at St Pauls Hall, Elizabeth North.
The Inaugural meeting was opened at 8pm by the Chairman, Keith Healey who is the President of the Sponsoring Chamber Northern Adelaide.

The meeting was addressed by Maurice Ralph, National Director of Jaycee for South Australia, Jack Smee, National Vice President and Max Cosh, past president for Port Adelaide chamber.
Maurie Ralph addressed the meeting on the international organisation of Jaycee mentioning the fact that Jaycee is the only Young Men’s organisation with a permanent Observer at the United Nations.

Jack Smee in his address spoke of the National level of Jaycee appertaining to Australia which is one of the most active countries in the world in the Jaycee organisation.
Max Cosh addressed the meeting on Jaycee, its chamber level and expressed the importance of leadership training.

At question time, several interesting questions were asked of the three Speakers from a large and attentive audience of over 200 people. Many  being from other chambers in SA, Barossa and Port Adelaide  being particularly noticeable.
Peter Van Tenac was elected President of the new chamber, Graham Mitchell, Vice President, Chook Chandle,r Secretary and Wes Page, Treasurer.  Peter Van Tenac has been the guiding hand and in the formation of the new Chamber being the Chairman of the Extension Committee from North Adelaide.  He has been enthusiastic at having being elected to the Council of the new Chamber.

The councillors are Merv Rodgers, Tony Lindford, Jeff Lowen, Jeff Barker, Ian Pearce and John Ford.
The new President was then presented with the Presidents badge and the J.C.I. Shield by Jack Smee National Vice-President. Peter Van Tenac then carried on as Chairman of the meeting.

The new Chairman then called upon the Guest Speakers to address the meeting.
Mr R.W, Boswell, the Controller of Weapons Research Establishment expressed this thanks for being allowed to speak and drew the attention of the meeting to the importance of Jaycee to the community and just one Jaycee project with which he was familiar.  Apprentice of the Year for Australia which a W.R.A. apprentice won last year.

Mr Bowey the Chairman of the District Council of Salisbury, welcomed the new Chamber to the district and promptly requested that the new Chamber send representatives to a Nationalisation Ceremony to be held in Salisbury, 8th August.  Peter Van Tenac assured his that the new Chamber would be represented.

The third Speaker, Mr Kaethner of S.A.H.T himself a past Jaycee member welcomed the new Chamber on behalf of the Trust and expressed his hopes for a successful future.
A vote of thanks to Guest Speakers was given by Lloyd Marsh, Vice President North Adelaide J.C.  The President of the new Chamber then announced that the first meeting of the new Chamber would be held at the St. Peters College Mission Hall, Elizabeth Centre at 8pm 9th August. He also thanked all those organisations that sent their good wishes for a successful Inaugural meeting.

The Jaycee Creed then read by Ian Hoyle N.A. and the National Anthem played.
The meeting was then closed and everyone then retired for an excellent supper which had been prepared by the wives of Jaycee members.