Monday, July 13, 2015

You'll love Lovell's Drinks

Situated at 1 Bayer road, Elizabeth South Lovell’s drinks opened in Elizabeth in 1965.  Owned by Norman Lovell, originally a school teacher who gave up his profession in 1953 to start a soft drink manufacturing company.  Originally from Maitland, the business expanded to the new ultra modern plant at Elizabeth. 

The business employed 14 local people and produced up to 2,000 bottles of drink per day.  Flavours included lemonade, squash, orange, kola, pineapple, lime and sarsaparilla

The company operates on a home delivery basis where customers can purchase bottles from vehicles that drive around the street at regular times.  One could also leave their empty Lovell bottles outside their homes for replacement.  You could place your orders by telephoning them in or hailing one of the trucks.  The factory also had a drive-in bottle department.
News Review Messenger 1965

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