Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Grandpa's papers found again

Edwin's Railway union certificate
In 1997 a battered old brown leather suitcase made its way into the local history collection.  It was found in the ceiling of 21 Idminston st, Elizabeth, left by the previous owners.
The suitcase contained some aged stained letters and documents belonging to a Mr Edwin Evans.  Piecing together the information, Edwin was born in 1876 and originated from Tremorfa Cardiff, England. He worked on the Railways.  He arrived in South Australia in May 1958, then aged 82 years old, having sailed across the sea on the Strathnaver ship.  He came to live with his granddaughter and her family, the Powell’s.
The letter written by his grandaughter
Amongst the letters was one written by Edwin’s granddaughter received on route to Australia, beautifully describing how their life in early Elizabeth was.
Bill and I love it here at Elizabeth, most people seem to think it’s too far away from the city but that doesn’t worry us, it’s nice to take an interest in how this town is growing.  Of course at present there’s a lot to be done.  At present Bill is making me a wardrobe and this afternoon we have been busy laying a cement drive. We want to lay and get it down before the winter really comes in as the roads aren’t done yet and the muck carry’s in if you haven’t got decent paths.  Our next big job is the garden of course, you have to wait for the rains here before you can dig or do anything.  It’s a lot of work at present but we don’t mind because we’re very proud of our little home and enjoy doing the things that make it nice. 

Edwin's certificate as he crossed the Equator

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