Monday, March 30, 2015

Sister Cities

The idea of sister city would provide hospitality to travellers; improve cultural ideas through student activities and exchange, exchange art, literature and customs.  The idea was initiated by President JF Kennedy for promotion of world peace.

Along with Hemel Hempstead in England, which is Elizabeth’s English Sister City, Elizabeth has another sister city in America which is Fremont in California.The winner of Miss Elizabeth 1956 won a two week holiday to Fremont as its first prize.
May 1966 Elizabeth Council decides in principal to become Sister City to Fremont for purpose of establishing links with similar cities in the US.  Fremont was chose due to basic similarities in socio economic development.  Other factors included nearness to a  major city, demographic and geographic similarities, and that General Motors has a plant in Fremont.

In October 1968 the Town Clerk of Elizabeth visited Fremont and donated plaque with City of Elizabeth coat of arms for new Civic Theatre in Fremont.
In 1969, the Mayor of Elizabeth attended opening of Lake Elizabeth and poured Adelaide water into it. Elizabeth named its central park, Fremont park.

Hemel Hempstead

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