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Australia Day

Australia Day 1918
Australia Day traditionally marks the anniversary of 26 January, 1788 when Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet raised the flag on Australia's first European settlement at Sydney Cove. 

Prior to 1888, 26 January was very much a New South Wales affair, as each of the colonies had their own commemorations for their founding. In Tasmania, Regatta Day occurred in December, South Australia had Proclamation Day 28 December, and Western Australia had their own Foundation Day (now
Western Australia Day) on 1 June.

In 1888, all colonial capitals except Adelaide celebrated 'Anniversary Day'. In 1910, South Australia adopted Australia Day, followed by Victoria in 1931.  The day was eventually named Australia Day in 1935, after the states agreed to have a uniform national day

How was Australia Day celebrated locally?

It was originally intended that One Tree Hill should join with Smith field in celebrating Australia Day, but Miss Turner, the local teacher, found that several of her scholars and their parents would be unable to go so far, so she conceived the idea of getting up an 'evening' in the Institute Hall. The unqualified success that followed justified the alteration. A splendid programme of patriotic songs and recitations was given by the scholars, assisted by Misses Stuart, Taylor, Bowman, 
and Walter, and Mr. C. Fiebig. After the concert a market. was held, and every item of a miscellaneous collection of gifts was sold without, difficulty. A supper and dance followed.

The Bunyip 6 August 1916


Australia Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and success. Much praise is due to the energetic Secretary (Miss E Curtis) who worked nobly. The day opened with a fancy dress procession by the school children, arranged and organized by Mrs. A. J. Moulds. Tiny Willie McGee and Aggie McGee were a centre of admiration on account of their representation of "One of our boys" and "Red Cross nurse" respectively, with their ambulance between them, Mia Moulds was lovely as a wee Australian, and Italy, France, Belgium, Khaki girl, Lord Kitchener, sailors, Lord Fauntleroy, killties nurses all went to make up a brilliant scene. The lads provided a fancy dress football match, Messrs. Maggo and E, Cochrane made things lively as Dagoes. Mr A. J; Moulds (school master and Sports
Secretary) kept everything 
going at a brisk rate. The ladies, under Mrs J.Hogarth, were briskly engaged all the afternoon and evening dispensing tea in the institute. A "Paddy's market" and a concert, arranged by Messrs. J. Maggs, E. Cochrane, and Miss E. Curtis brought to a close a remarkably successful day. The net proceeds amounted to £203.

The Observer Saturday 6 August 1915


Penfield had its Australia Day on Saturday and the people turned out in large numbers as though in opposition to the stormy weather prevailing. The takings will reach £11.  A procession was formed of decorated vehicles and fancy costumes, the winners being: — Misses. O. Goodier and M. Broster, and Messrs. C. Fatcher, J. Ridgway, J. Helps, C. Broster, H. Argent ahd H. Griffiths. Numerous fancy cosbsmes were displayed.
Bunyip Friday 19th July

Image courtesy of State Library of SA

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