Thursday, October 16, 2014

Elizabeth Ladies Revue Group

In 1960 the Elizabeth Ladies Revue Club was born, the brain child of two enterprising mums in an effort to raise funds for the schools.

The first show has a cast of 15 ladies and was well received by parents.  Unfortunately, there were quite a few dead spots whilst scenes and costumes were changed between acts and it was then that a mere male was co-opted to act as compare between acts.

The shows were very popular and brought much needed funds and the group soon extended their activities to the scouts, Girl Guides, Migrant Hostels, Hospitals etc., and any other organisation in need of funds as all proceeds were donated directly to them, thus helping greatly in the establishment of Elizabeth.
From the outset it was decided to keep the shows simple and suitable for the whole family and not to try to be too ‘professional’.  Ladies joining the group were not auditioned, as long as they were prepared to have a go that was good enough.

The Elizabeth Ladies Revue group's aim was to bring a little joy into the lives of elderly people.

Vincent, Tansy.
Reeves, Norah.
Lyon, Phoebe Mrs.
Tatum, Joan.

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