Monday, August 11, 2014

Grove of nations

Planting in front of Spruance Road shops, 1958

In 1959 migrants from 37 different nations each planted a tree in an area at the corner of Midway and Spruance Roads, Elizabeth east.  Adelaide Jaycees, in conjunction with the Good Neighbour Council, organized this planting on April 19th, 1959, as part of the Jaycee campaign “Bring out a Briton”.
A plaque commemorating the event was unveiled on site opposite the shopping area in Spruance Road.

Elizabeth Jaycees and member s of the Elizabeth Apex Club developed and installed the equipment for the Children’s playground on the site.  A senior triple swing, a double see saw and two junior swings were all designed and manufactured by Jaycees.  Funds were raised by holding cabarets and running book stalls.

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