Monday, July 21, 2014

Smithfield Primary school Part III

The following list of head teachers was culled from the records at the Education Centre (Flinders Street) and Admission Registers at Smithfield School.

1877-78               August Wittber                              1919-20             John A. Shepherd

1879-80               Henry G. Allert                              1920-28              Keith V. Day

1881-84               James Kekwick                              1928                  Clyde H. Pearce

1885-93               Timothy O’Connell                         1928-31             Paul H.F. Brus

1894-95               Henry J. Armitage                          1931-43            Carl H. Nietschke

1896-98               Charles R. Tucker                           1943-45             Peter L. McCarthy

1898-1912           Herbert J. Deeble                           1946-67            Kevin P.J. O’Brien

1912-18               Arthur J. Moulds                             1968-75           Ormonde B. Kermode

1976-date (26/11/77)  Ian R. Weston

Smithfield has always been a small school with an enrolment fluctuating between 37 and 70 during the years 1877 to 1947.  There were three upsurges in the past 30 years, as shown by the following figures; 1951(90), 1954 (60), 1959 (180), 1974 (33), 1977 (113).

The peaks of 1951 and 1959 were caused by the influx of migrant children from the hostel at Smithfield.  The closing of the hostel and the development of Elizabeth and Smithfield Plains, which swallowed up the farms from which many of the pupils at this school came, caused the decline in numbers.

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