Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Railway stations in Elizabeth

Elizabeth South Railway station, 1958

The railway line between Adelaide and Gawler was officially opened as far as Salisbury at the end of 1856. By October 1857 it had reached Gawler with Smithfield Station in between. For almost one hundred years there were no other stations along that stretch of the line, until the building of Elizabeth brought a new demand for increased railway services. As Elizabeth South was the first suburb to be constructed in Elizabeth, the first station, Elizabeth South Station went into operation on November 21st 1955, just five days after the inauguration ceremony in the new town. At first the station consisted of plank platforms with hurricane lamps hung on the name boards.

The permanent building was erected three or four years later. In those early days of Elizabeth the roads were unmade and commuters to the City had to tramp through mud and slush to reach the station in the winter months. A common sight every day as the collection of Wellington boots and old shoes left in tidy rows under the platform by their owners who boarded the train in their good city shoes and collected the old ones for the muddy walk home on their return. By September 30th the following year, 1957, there were sufficient people living in Elizabeth North to justify the opening of a second railway station which was named Womma Station. In anticipation for the opening of the Town Centre shops later in 1960, the Elizabeth Railway Station was opened on June 27th and on the same day, Elizabeth’s fourth Station,  Broadmeadows (named Elizabeth North at first) was also opened.

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