Wednesday, June 18, 2014

McWaters remembers

David McWaters and is wife Clare, left London on the Otranto bound for Australia, arriving in Adelaide on April Fools Day, 1/4/1954. Full of expectation, and doubts due to the floods in N.S.W. we were the first contingent of British Migrants to arrive for some time. Over 400 of us including children arrived at an ex Prisoner of War camp at Rosewater, near Port Adelaide.

At once stage, the McWaters purchased a Deli at Salisbury and was involved in the early days of Elizabeth being constructed. Here are some of his memories at that time.

"I was working in the drive in at Hotel Elizabeth, met a few chaps from the Water Board. It was a very cold morning, I offered them a cup of tea and we were discussing the rise on the land where they intended to level it off. One gentleman said ‘Where are we going to dump all this soil?’ It was then I got interested and phoned the soccer committee to get permission to dump the soil around the perimeter of the ground. It was a lucky break, after nine months the embankment was completed. We then purchased sleepers from Islington Railways. Lo and behold the soccer ground was panelled off, and was named Ramsey Park.

It was there I met Howell Witt, Anglican Clergyman. He is now a retired bishop. He used to get very annoyed, as the Rugby Team ground was near Ramsey Park.

While I was coaching the boys soccer, most of his boys would join us. After they showered, the Ladies Committee would serve scones and cakes.

On a Sunday evening Howell asked me to round up a lot of the boys for a talk, as Sunday night was a dull night for young people. He then commenced a dance after the evening service, the police raided the church. Apparently dancing was not permitted on Sunday evening".


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