Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Moss Road added to Phillip Highway

Moss Road at Elizabeth Vale was changed to become part of Philip Highway in 1966.  Householders requested the change, which has become an extension of Philip Highway.

Moss road was named to commemorate the name of the late Edwin Moss, and early Salisbury benefactor who raised his family on land through which the road ran.
Edwin Moss was one of the oldest residents of Salisbury when he passed away in 1939. He was born in I860 and lived in the vicinity of Salisbury all his life. He was a councillor for North ward in the old District Council of Yatala North and a Justice of the Peace. For more than 40 years he was secretary and senior deacon of the Congregational Church, and at one time was superintendent of the Sunday school.   Edwin started out as a mill boy at the local flour mill. At the age of 22 he was managing the mill, and after 11 years he left and started citrus growing. He was a prominent member of the local Citrus Growers' Association and was the secretary up to his death.

There had been previous requests by the Salisbury Council to change the name, but they were all rejected.  It wasn’t until the area of Moss road moved from Salisbury Council to Elizabeth Council that the change of name was effected.

News Review Jan 5th, 1966

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