Monday, March 3, 2014

Craigmore Estate

Craigmore pre development
Although originally intended to be reserved exclusively for private building, one of the early stages of the project was given to the Housing Trust to construct due to heavy demand for housing in the area and the fact that the Trust’s Munno Pars subdivision was not yet ready for release. This stage was completed by the middle of 1978, at which point the (Craigmore South) primary school and shopping centre were already under construction, and private builders had commenced on another stage of the subdivision.  Also in 1978, the Munno Para Council successfully applied to the Nomenclature Committee for the entire subdivision, which had been split between Craigmore and Blair Park (named after Thomas Hogarth’s old home and property which was demolished by the Land Commission in 1977), to be known as the Craigmore Estate.

Besides assisting the development of the subdivision, the Land Commission, like the Housing Trust in Elizabeth, was involved in the provision of community facilities, a recreation and leisure centre, supermarket and specialty shops.  Private tenders built the recreation and shopping centres in 1980 (extended 1984) and the finished “Craigmore Village” was opened by David Wotton, Minister of Environment and Planning, on 3 March 1981. By June 1981 the Commission had produced some 1359 allotments at Craigmore, 408 of which had been sold. In October, 1979, 21 residents of the area had formed the very active “Craigmore Progress Association”.  The Association continued achieving many of its aims for the improvement of the neighbourhood until August, 1983 when it was dissolved, although it still had a membership of 116.

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