Thursday, December 5, 2013

How the Centrals Football Club began

1964 Centrals ground

First meeting
Meeting held January 19th, 1956 ‘Formation Football Club’.
A meeting was held on the premises of Mr Button for the purpose of forming a Football Club at Elizabeth.

Approximately 30 interested supporters attended including the President of the Gawler Football League and representatives from the Salisbury and Salisbury North, Smithfield Football Clubs.

The proposal of forming a Club was discussed and resulted in Mr White moving with Mr McCulloch seconding that a Football Club be formed at Elizabeth.  Carried.

Mr Emery moved, seconded by Mr Dawe that an interim committee of nine be appointed to enquire further into the prospects and report to the General meeting when called.
Nominations for the committee were then called and resulted as follows.

Chairman; Mr T. Croxton
Secretary: Mr J McCulloch
Committee members; Messers Dawe, Elliott, Jenkins, Moser, Emery, McLeod, and Pyatt.

A vote of thanks to the visiting representatives was carried and each visitor outlined the activities of their club and association promising loyal support to any venture the new club may take.

The newly formed committee then decided to meet at Mr Pyatt’s residence on Wednesday January 25th 1956 to further consider the formation of a club.

Meeting ceased 10pm.

Thomas Coxton

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