Thursday, November 21, 2013

Early roads in the district

Transport was an important subject in the 1850’s as it affected the everyday life of the people in terms by reducing their isolation and facilitating the movement of goods and produce. The Munno Para district, had few good roads. Many were no more than mere tracks subject to the vagaries of the weather. Little could be done about these, by councils which had very little money or manpower, so that the ‘main road’ linking the district to Adelaide became the focus of most commercial movement. The Great North Road to Gawler was important as all traffic to the northern districts beyond Gawler used it, for example the copper mines at Kapunda and The Burra.
The Road became even more significant after the opening up of the mid-north to agricultural cultivation in the 1870s. The other main route form Adelaide was the road to Port Wakefield where a harbour was opened in 1850 to which copper form the Burra mine could be conveyed for shipment. It does not appear to have been a major line of communication until somewhat later in the nineteenth century.

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