Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TROVE Tuesday


The motor speedway at Smithfield was 'blooded' at mid-day Wednesday when a light car, under trial, capsized and injured the two occupants necessitating their removal to the Hutchinson Hospital, Gawler.  The Victims, Mr. Bernard F. Dittmar and Mr. Colin E. Ross, both garage proprietors in Adelaide, went on to the track to practice a light car for the speed meeting this month.  Mr. Dittmar was driving, but was not travelling at a great rate.  When rounding the home, turn, the rear side near tyre blew out.  The car shot into the air and turned several somersaults for about 20 yards along the track.  Both men (neither wearing helmets) went flying out on to their heads.  Mr. Ross lay unconscious, and remained so for about an hour after admission to the hospital.  He is suffering from concussion and abrasions.  Mr. Dittmar was conscious, despite severe scalp wounds and a large number of stitches had to be inserted in the lacerations.  Dr Dawes, who is the surgeon to the Speedway Club, attended the sufferers. 

The speedway is always open for practice on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, an official superintending and on Wednesday the captain (Mr J. L. Koch) was in charge.

The Bunyip 12 November 1926

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