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Teachers at Angle Vale school

Mary Sullivan, teacher in the 1920's
1868 – 1869       CRISP, Ann
1870  - 1873       SYMONDS, Richard G.
1876                    TUCKER, Fanny
 1877                    ADAMS, Daniel Harvey
1877                    TUCKER, Fanny
1878  - 1879       ADAMS, Daniel Harvey
1880  - 1882       EKERS, Mary
1883  - 1885       RODDA, Mary Watson
1886                    JOHANNING, William
1887 – 1888       SEMMEL, Carl
1889                    MOORE, Bessie [nee GILBERT]  
Bessie conducted one of Uncle Harry’s Sunbeam Circles.  Angle Vale was no.2 circle and was named Charles Kinglsley.  Uncle Harry aka David H. Bottrill. Postal clerk and journalist.  Sunbeam Society of South Australia, a children's club to teach 'the blessedness of helping others … loving kindness and self-denial'. They were encouraged to form 'Sunbeam circles', each consisting of about six children and taking its name from an eminent public or historical figure, which met monthly for social activities or fund-raising. By 1903 there were 285 circles. The club was run through 'Uncle Harry's' sentimental, doting letters in the children's column of the weekly Observer and Saturday's issue of the Evening Journal. 'Sunbeams' raised large sums to assist the Adelaide Children's Hospital and other local and overseas children's charities.

1889                    SEMMEL, Carl
1890 – 1896       MOORE, Bessie [nee GILBERT]
1897                    DRINKWATER, John David Albert
                             sponsored a literary society and singing lessons.

1897                    MOORE, Bessie [nee GILBERT]
1898  - 1900       DRINKWATER, John David Albert
1901                    DU BOIS, Ellen Maud Josephine
1901                    ROGASCH, Emma Louisa
1902  - 1905       DU BOIS, Ellen Maud Josephine
1905 – 1908       DUNGLESON, Winifred de Bournalle
1908                    PALMER, Ellen Frances
1909 – 1911       GRANT, Nellie
1912                    BERRY, Elsie Jane
1912                    GRANT, Nellie
1913 – 1919       WATSON, Helen Emily
                             Miss Watson started visiting days until Arbor day took its place. 

1920                    SULLIVAN, Mary Teresa
1920                    WATSON, Helen Emily

1921 – 1931       SULLIVAN, Mary Teresa
1932                    SPEED E. R
                             First man in charge for 31 years.

1936 – 1940       SUMMERTON, Maud Janet
1941                    BARRETT Agnes J. (3 weeks)
1942                    LAVERY Hugh
                             Enlisted in RAAF

                             DUNLOP Walter J
1945                    NEILL Richmond E

1948                    DURBRIDGE William PS
1952                    SHANGHESSY G
1958                    LINDER Don
It was during Don Linder’s term as head teacher that the first modern building was opened at the school, this was in 1958.  The old school room became part of the residence until it again had to be used as a classroom to accommodate the additional intake of 1966.

1959                    MULLER W.J
1960                    LEOPOLD Jack L
1966                    DESLANDES and assistant Miss P. Grund
1967                    ADAMS Charles and assistant Moss Kay Hunkin
1968                    HOWARD B.E and assistant Mrs Joan Howard.

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