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Angle Vale Primary school

Angle Vale school has moved about in its first years of existence. The first school in the area was at Carclew.  In 1850 a three roomed brick cottage with a school room attached was built there.  This was used for church services and later for school purposes.  John Tregenza was the first school master.  He arrived in South Australia on 14th January 1855.  It is presumed he opened the school in the same year.  Parents of students paid 1 s per week for each child attending school.  The Government of the day paid 6d per week for destitute students.  Mr Tregenza also held night classes for those unable to attend during the day.

In 1859, John Tregenza left Carclew to organise a school at Woodville at the request of Mr Hughes a member of the Education Board, the school at Carclew was closed.  Later he went to Port Gawler school, situated on the Buckland Park property at Virginia. 

The Ebenezer Chapel was opened in 1864 and soon afterwards a Mr Tupper conducted a school in the new building but did not stay long enough to get it firmly established.  Miss Swales took over and conducted the school until her marriage to Mr Quinn, Harbour Master at Port Adelaide. 
Then came Mrs Ann Crisp, who first taught in the chapel and later used her own residence next door.  In 1868, according to official records, the Board of Education report mentions the school and shows her as Head Teacher. 

Mrs. Crisp the school teacher, who lived near the church, was the first post mistress.  Mrs. Crisp before her marriage to Tom Crisp was a widow with a daughter, Annie Humphrey.  Annie Humphrey has been credited with suggesting the name ‘Angle Vale’.  Mrs Ann Crips was also Post Office mistress and when a new name was needed by the Post Office authorities as “Gawler Plains’ was too general and given to such a large area.  Mr John Patterson, chairman of the District Council called for suggestions and Annie’s suggestion was chose. 

Following Mrs Crisp came a bearded gentleman, Richard Symonds.  The school was located in Heaslip’s hut and later across the road in a hut known as ‘Bemjamin Barnett’s”.

The new school was built by public subscription, subsidised by the Government through the District Council.  Benjamin Heaslip gave the land and it was opened in March 25th 1874, by Mr J.S Underdown, Chairman of the District Council of Munno Para West.
The opening was a day of great rejoicing, typical of the period.

After the passing of the Education Act in 1875 the Government took full control of the school and compensation was paid to those residents who had contributed to its cost.

Former Angle Vale Post Office

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