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TROVE Tuesday

Nov. 9.

One Tree Hill is losing one of its oldest and most respected residents in Mr, James Purdie, who is leaving to reside in Gawler. Mr. Purdie, who was born in the district, and with the exception of a few years in the north has lived in the One Tree Hill district all his life, has for many years been conducting a cream carrying round for Taylor Bros, Limited, of Gawler, and has never missed a trip during the term of his contract. He has always been courteous and obliging, and his place will he hard to fill.  A farewell evening was tendered him in the One Tree Hill hall on Saturday evening, when the attendance was a tribute of the goodwill in which he is held.  Speeches were made by Messrs. F.L Ifould, W. Groth, F. Dawson, Cundy, - and the chairman (Mr. H. H. Blackham), who on behalf of the residents presented Mr. Purdie with a purse of money as a token of recognition and esteem.  Mr. O. Cundy also presented the guest with a gold watch on behalf of Taylor Bros. Limited, of Gawler (for whom he has carried cream for 17 years) and a silver mounted pipe and tobacco pouch from their employees, The watch bore the initials J.P., and was suitably inscribed inside. The programme for the evening consisted of pianoforte selections and songs by the following: — Mesdames French and Toby, Miss Fiebig and Mr. Toby. An other feature of the evening was community singing, led by. Mrs. H. W. Kelly. A supper and dance followed.

The Bunyip 13 November 1925

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