Thursday, May 30, 2013

Local advertisments

One of the fascinating things about newspapers is the advertisements.  Below are some scanned from the Salisbury Elizabeth Times, 1957.  Bring back any memories?



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TROVE Tuesday

Electrocuted at Smithfield Migrant Hostel

At Smithfield Migrant Hostel on Saturday, New Australian Aprod Fonyo, 27, was electrocuted when he climbed on to the roof of his hut to repair an electrical fault.  He was thrown to the ground when he came in contact with live wires Doctors at the Royal Adelaide Hospital where the former Hungarian was taken, pronounced life extinct.
The Bunyip 3 March 1950

Monday, May 20, 2013

Eyre Penfield

The City of Playford has a lot of housing development happening now.  We have Blake's Crossing, Lakeside at Andrew's Farm, and now a new development Eyre Penfield

There was a great article in the Messenger 24 April, 2013 about the area, 100 years ago.  It featured the photograph I posted not long ago featuring the Smitham property.  Eyre Penfield sits on land that was once owned by the Smitham family until 1965 when it was compulsory purchased by the government.   

Once open farming land where stock roamed and lucerne grew, it bears little resemblance to its past.  They call it progress.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hostel Stories

On Friday 10th May, the City of Playford hosted an information session on the Smithfield Migrant Hostel.  The session was run by the University of Adelaide and the Migration Museum.  

The majority had lived in the hostel for varying periods of time, and some had been local children at the time who played with the children at the hostel.  Some great photographs were produced and alot of reminiscing happened.  One lady told of her first day in the hostel, when her new neighbour knocked on her room door and invited her to have a cup of tea with her.  To this day over 40 years later they are the best of friends. 

Smithfield Migrant hostel was a converted military supply depot, initially opened as a hostel to house DP labourers from the Baltic, who worked in the Smithfield Railway yards.  Very quickly family migrants came to stay from different countries.  The huts were three feet off the ground with no fencing, this became a problem when families with young children lived there.

The Hostel Stories; life in SA migrant accommodation is seeking stories, photographs and artefact's in connection with the many hostels in SA.  For more information please refer to the links below.

Hostel Stories is also on Flickr?
To view the other locations of talks please refer to the link below.
To find out more about the project please view 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TROVE Tuesday


On Saturday last the Adelaide hounds had a day out in the One tree Hill district, Messrs. Jack Harvey and F. L Ifould being responsible for the arranging of the course, which travelled over grasslands principally and away up into the hills. The run was a most delightful one, and claimed by participants as the best they had yet indulged in. As is usual at such gatherings reminiscences play a big part and it was new co, most of the present day hunters chat the hounds made their appearance in the Onetree Hill district 46 years ago, when Mr. Purdie, an old resident, took part in the chase. So enamoured were the party over this old association that the old gentleman was invited to take part in the present run, and he gallantly mounted and covered a few fences, but his mount was too fresh for his years, and he pulled up with safety on his side.
The special train from Adelaide carried no fewer than 43 hunters. Upon arrival a move was made for the foot of the hills, and a start was made in Mr. E. C. Thomas' beautiful paddocks. The day was a perfect one for hunting, a gentle breeze from the North East almost directly in a line with the first part of the run carried hounds up wind at a pace that found out the best conditioned horses before they had gone far on the uphill grade. A check was made at the top of the hill, where Sir. Ifould had refreshments, available. Another start led the hounds due east over a large paddock with no jumping for about a mile, when Yattalunga estate was reached, and a large stone wall gave terrors to many of the fainter-hearted. A check was made near the homestead, and then the field swung on along the main road and over several caps, and polled up at Mr. Ifould's. Again the hounds were laid on and after tra versing some scrub, the run was finish ed alongside the Onetree Institute, where a numerous gathering was entertained by Messrs. Jack Harvey and F. L. Ifould at afternoon tea. There were a good many falls, but none of serious nature. The road division was strong and included in the number were many residents of Gawler district.
On Saturday (tomorrow) afternoon the hounds- will be in the Roseworthy district, the hunters being detrained at Roseworthy Station. Mr. W. Smith, of Sheaoak Log, is one of the promoters of this visit, and has arranged for afternoon tea in the Roseworthy Memorial Hall where the check will be made. Should the weather be favor able there should be a good number of participating hunters following the dogs, with a very healthy road contingent. 
The Bunyip 19 June 1925