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TROVE Tuesday

Gawler Plains. February 6 1909

Dear General— Having just spent several months in the South-East holiday-making, and being the guest of a well-to-do squatter, who placed at my disposal a lady's hack,  I, in company with his daughters, learned to ride horseback. I thought I would like to ride astride, and so, with a divided skirt, I was helped into the saddle by my lady companions. I found it a pleasure, feeling so safe and comfortable, much more so than when I tried to ride side-saddle.  In riding sideway there was not the balance of weight on the animal's back. Besides, to me there was more sport in having a good gallop sitting astride. How I envied the men who go hunting and racing. Since I learnt I have become quite an adept in the saddle. Then there is the consolation if your horse should they or bolt, you have far more command over it than otherwise. I advise all my young lady friends to learn to ride astride. It is safer, more comfortable, your figure is more erect, and with the divided skirt well made and of proper length, it does not in any way look 'mannish.' It looks graceful and fits you to be a better horse woman.
I am, &,
The Chronicle 13 February 1909

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