Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TROVE Tuesday


The nineteenth festival in connection with the Independent Order of Rechabites, Morning Star Tent, No. 47, was, held on Anzac Saturday, on Sampson's Flat, the weather being intensely cold. Various athletic events, log-chopping, motor driving, trotting and sheaf tos sing were contested, and gave every enjoyment.  A public tea followed in the local hall, after which an exceptionally fine elocutionary recital was given by Mr. and Mrs V. James Anderson and Master V. Anderson, assisted by Misses Thelma Martin and Jean Sinclair.  Miss G. Blake, of Smithfield, acted as accompaniste There was a large and appreciative audience present.  Addresses on the principles of Rechabitism were given by Bro. E. H. Lowe, D.C.R., and Bro. W. Arnold, D.D.R.  In memory of the, fallen at Anzac, Kipling's Recessional 'Lest we forget,' was sung by the audience before the commencement of the evening's programme.  Messrs. Bowman and Willison were the joint secretaries of the festival.

The Bunyip 1 May 1925

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