Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TROVE Tuesday

Smithfield Bazaar

The Smithfield Bazaar, organised by the school and held in the Smithfield Institute, was highly successful, and realised £40 19/.  Mrs. Wm. Rice, Mayoress of Gawler, performed the opening ceremony. A baby and pet show were great attractions. The winners in the former were Betty Argent, Shirley Bain, Barrington Byrne, and Leslie Worden.  The cakes competitions went to Mrs. W. Smith, Miss Ball, Misses Gwen and Noreen Harris, B. Reed, M. Smith, M. Fogarty, Y. Taylor, E. McDonald, M. Adams. Fancy work — Eileen Bain, E. McDonald, Y. Taylor, N. Harris and M. Smith. Elocution— Neta Andrews, Thalia Chivell. Singing — Fay Saxon and Eileen Bain. Flute duets and solos, Neta Andrews, Noreen Harris, Madge and Ruth Smith. Dancing — Dorothy Neaves. Piano and xylophone, Colin and Fay Saxon. Other performers were E. McDonald, Joyce Frith, Gwen Bain, Peggy Collis, Y. Taylor, C. and K. Burford, and C. Taylor. The head teacher is Mr. Nitschke.
The Bunyip 19 October 1934

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