Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TROVE Tuesday

The Motor Cycle Club of South Australia had a record crowd at the Smithfield speedway on Easter Saturday.  Ideal weather prevailed, and the dust nuisance was at a minimum.  Although some brilliant and dare-devil riding was done, there was not even a fall during the day's progress. Harry Mangham was the hero of the day, for he established a new track record in the final of the Castrol Cup, covering the five miles in 4.2 2/5ths, thus aver aging 74.38 miles per hour.  A new record was also put up for the light car, Moyle, in a Salmson, covering the five miles in 4.52 4/5ths, from a standing start, and by encircling another lap, secured also a flying start record, the time being 4.42 4/5ths. By the time the side-car events were listed the oil track had been broken through, and dust rose in clouds, making it practically an impossibility for scratch men to get through the gloom. The result was that Butler, the record holder, was badly beaten.

The Bunyip 13 April 1928

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