Friday, February 1, 2013

Smithfield Institute snippets

Institute hunour

At one time before the building was destroyed by fire, the Hall was used by a religious group for their services each Sunday.  Anyhow this particular group was not well liked by quite a few of the locals; one fellow however joined the group, he lived very close to the Institute in fact where Mr George Pix now lives.  One Sunday morning after he church services had begun, some of the lads of the town went to the home of the local who had joined the religious group, and got his milk cow an led it across to the hall, and up the steps to the door.  He then climbed some pine trees by the hall and then knocked on the door by means of cotton tied to the door knocker.  They say it had to be seen to be believed.  The expression on that man’s face when he opened the door to be stared at by his own cow.

After the Hall was rebuilt in 1936, a Mr George McGee was a caretaker of the premises, although he did not dance himself he used to get much pleasure in watching the dancing.  He was fanatical about keeping the hall floor in tiptop condition for the dancing.  It is understood there used to be quite a lot of strawberry fetes held in the hall around that period. And as soon as the ice cream and strawberries were about to be served, George would rush in with an armful of bags and spread them around, and instruct the patrons to stand on these bags and eat and drink, so that there would be no spill on the floor.
Taken from notes from the Local history room.

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