Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TROVE Tuesday


The final dance of the season for the Smithfield Football Club was held in the Smithfield Institute. The gold medal presented by Mrs. Eime, for the fairest and best player, was won by Ern Saxon. Two trophies, given by Mr. John Smith and Mr. Nietschke, for best player in final and semi-final games, were won Mr. Arch Helps.  Mr. A. Worden made the presentations.
Supper was served by the ladies.
The music for the dance was provided by Rhythm Aces band. A concert was held in the Smithfield Institute in aid of Methodist Church.  Mrs. Menz's Concert Party of Adelaide, gave the programme. The recent heavy rains will be beneficial to late crops. Most farmers are haymaking.
The Bunyip 1 November 1935

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