Thursday, January 24, 2013

Smithfield Institute snippets

Established 1874.

Library opened Tuesday and Saturday evenings.
Early secretaries
1874      W.S Bennetts
1877      Gavin A. Scoular
1895      Charles Ball (Station master at Smithfield)
1903      J.S Brooks
1904      R. Bald
1905      W.J Deeble

March 24, 1905
President Mr W. Smith, J.P, Vice President Mr J.S Fribsy, Hon Secretary Mr H.J Deeble, Hon Treasurer Mr R Bald, the committee, the above and Messrs J. Roberts, W, Andrews, J. Flower, W. Adams, J. Hogarth, C. Hoole, A. Kelly, G. McGee. Auditors G. Moss and F. Crittenden.

Number of members:    16
Member subscription    10/- Yearly
Cost of building               £800
Volume in Library           853
Spent on literature in last 12 months      £12 18/-

Three concerts, one lecture held in previous 12 months.

Committee meets once a month.

We have a literary society in the town; the Committee gives them the use of the Reading Room free of cost, with the hope that its members will become subscribers to the Institute.  Illustrated and scientific periodicals are placed on the table for their perusal.

Taken from notes from the Local History room.

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