Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Genealogy resolutions for 2013

Do you set goals for New Year?  Has genealogy been on your list for numerous years?  Here are some goals you may wan to put on your list.
 1.Get organised. The Library can help you with that.  We can provide charts and forms for you to get started.
 2.Attend some, if not all the exciting eGen sessions, workshops and talks presented by the Library.

 3. Share the information you have gathered with other members of your family.  Write a letter, or book, start a blog, or Facebook page. 

 4.Learn more about genealogy. The Library has fantastic family history book collections for loan, to suit the new and experienced genealogist.

 5.Be inspired. Borrow from the Library and watch sessions of Who Do You Think You Are?  Borrow the family history magazines. 
6. Meet like – minded individuals who share the genealogy bug.

7. Interview someone in your family tree.  Get their story for your records.  Record it on video if possible.
8.  Start a new tradition, one that three generations down the track will continue.

9. Organise those family photographs that you have been putting off for years.  Print off digital photographs from your phone or computer before they disappear to internet heaven.
10.  Honour your ancestors in some way.  Plant a tree, buy a brick in an immigration wall, publish your family history, tell your family about their ancestors.  Ensure that stories live on and are not forgotten.

11.  Start and finish the 52 week genealogy challenge.  You can find out more here.

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