Monday, December 3, 2012

The lost diggers

You probably have heard of the Lost Diggers photograph collection recently made public after nearly a century stored in an attic. The photographs made by the Thuillier family in a small village of Vignacourt during WWI have been published on the internet and more recently a book has been released.  While there are many books and photographs on WWI, what makes these unique is that they were taken in the midst of war, close to the battle ground.  We often see the studio portraits taken of soldiers before they leave home, but these images show the mud on their boots, the sheepskin waistcoats worn to ward of the cold and less formal posses with cigarettes in the mouth or cheeky smiles. 

Many of the photographs of the soldiers haven't been identified.  The Australian War Memorial where they are now stored are doing tremendous work to identify the men.  The AWM has also created an exhibition entitled 'Remember Me".

Its a great story in regards to the men, and the way the photographs have been made public.  Borrow the book today.

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