Thursday, December 13, 2012

Charley's War

I have been trying to expand my normal reading range and have recently picked up a few graphic novels.  Not really considering them as 'real books', I hadn't paid much attention to them.  Until now that is. 

I picked up the book "Charley's war", a  British comic war story. The script was written by Pat Mills with artwork by Joe Colquhoun. It started in early 1979 and revolved around the exploits of Charley Bourne; a 16-year-old idealistic kid who lies about his age and joins the army as it swelled with volunteers, ready for the “Big Push” of summer 1916 (the debacle better known as the Battle of the Somme).

I contains such detail, both graphically and literally that I think I have learnt more about what war may have been like through this book. The book shows the mud, the fear of the soldiers, their anger and disappointment and the realism of the cost of war.  You can imagine them speaking with their British and German accents using there colloquial words.   

I have since discovered that Charley's war is not a one off novel but there are nine books, that take you into WWII.  I will be putting them all on hold now.  Maybe graphic novels are a great way to bring history to life for some people.
You can learn more about the series here

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