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TROVE Tuesday - Bill Fatchen 85

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Bill Fatchen, 85

BILL Fatchen, of Angle Vale, celebrated his 85th birthday recently. His brothers, Fred, Ern and Ray, came down from Manoora to wish him the best. They saluted him with some awful cheek.  One said he was a tough old rag. Another said he was going mouldy, and another said he reckoned he had white ants in the top storey. Bill took the language well, and after examining his presents, which consisted of useful articles and cash, he hurled back some cheek by saying, "Well, I don't mind if you give me another birthday next week." Many reminiscences cropped up.  

Grandfather Fatchen was noted for his strength. He once made a wager with a man for £1 that he would carry a 200 lb. bag of flour around a field measuring one mile. He did so easily, and, before removing the bag from his back, he challenged the man for another £1. but the man shook his head horizontally. Fred said Bill looked so fit that he would be afraid to make a similar wager with him.

Bill was saying he drove a team of harrows at 11 years of age. and suffered with the leg ache at night. Fred said it must have been a streak of laziness, because he has
known Bill during his age between 70 and 80 years to walk six times that distance after hares, and not once complain.

A happy day was spent, and his brothers decided to forgive him for his cheek to them with the bright thought of his kind attention to their late dear mother with his frequent visits home to see her.

The Advertiser 23 August 1946

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