Thursday, November 22, 2012

Social Clubs

I have been researching the Marching Girl Clubs of ELizabeth, a topic I will post on later.  Trolling through the Messenger Newspapers, I have been surprised at the number of Clubs, groups and organisasitons that existed or still exist in the City of PLayford.  There are the familiar clubs, scouts, guides, sports, Red Cross, CWA, but I have come across a few that were new to me.

Twenteen Social Club
Formed 1967.  A club for young people aged between 18 and 23, who met for leisure acitivities.  OVer 100 youth were involved with this club which had planned montly entertainment.  Activities such as dances were held every month., beach parties, BBQ, observer trials, bowling, ice skating, and caberets.  The most popular events were record evenings and debates.

Elizabeth Darby & Joan Club
This was around in 1971, as yet I haven't found further details and even had to look up what Darby & Joan Clubs were.

In England, clubs for senior citizens are often called Darby and Joan Clubs, a usage thought to originate from a club in Streatham founded in 1942.
Elizabeth branch Civilian Widows
The Association of Civilian Widows of Australia originated in Western Australia in 1953 at a meeting convened by the Women's Service Guild. Its formation was largely due to the efforts of Mrs Invy Kent. Over the following two years Apex helped to establish a National Executive and over 200 branches of the Association across Australia. The Association is non-party political and non-sectarian and its objects are to promote the interests of the widow and her child wherever possible. It also engages in welfare work for its members and holds fund raising and social meetings. It's motto is 'Friendship and Service."
If you have further information on these clubs, or any others from the area, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Hi my name is Margaret and reading this post is so interesting i grew up in elizabeth i was a TPP and my family stayed at smithfeild hostel. I joined the marching girls around 1967 my marching outfit was brown and cream yellow my mothet was a chaperone i think the club was at elizabeth or ay the West. I cant wait to read more on this topic i also was a browny club in elizabeth fields. My family name was Collis.