Thursday, November 15, 2012

Max Fatchen poem on the new town

There was alot of anticipation over the naming of the new township we know as Elizabeth.  The name wasn't known until it was opened.  Max Fatchen wrote of that suspence.

Well, congratulations to the new town……………..

Down by the wheatfields, and out on the plain,
Close by the main road, and handy to train,
Buildings are gleaming in ordered array.
The name of the new town – will we know today?

Rumour is running, excitement’s intense,
Goodbye to guessing, and farewell suspense.
Crystal balls shatter and doubts slip away –
The name of the new town – will we know today?

Bulldozers grumble, cement mixers whirr,
(Some have referred to it simply as “er”.)
Nameless no longer, for fame will befall it,
The town has a title ( but what will they call it? )

Oft have I wriggled perplexed on my bed,
Titles for New Town a – buzz in my head.
No sheep I counted. When sleep made its claims –
I’d wearily muttered a few hundred names.

Names they’ve suggested right up to the last –
“Para” or “Gouger” (but NOT “Rising Fast”)
Fast though it’s rising out thee on the plain
(Who’ll make a hazard? Who’ll guess again?)

Over the wheatfields and over the corn,
Rises the shape of a city new – born.
Thunder your “viva”, your “bravo”, “hurray”,
The name of the new town .. we’ll know it …TODAY!
The Advertiser November 16th 1955. p.2

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