Friday, October 26, 2012

Significant trees

Native apricot or peach tree,
one of the last in the Peachey Belt area
from which it gets its name.
Often an out of place tree in a new residential area is a reminder of what was there beforehand.  Old fruit trees in odd places, large palm trees or gum trees may be all that remains of an old homestead.  The National Trust have been working on significant tree list and have identified trees, indigenous and non from around the state.  Here is the list for the Playford area.

Location details
Botanical name
Common name
Individual stand row
Angle Vale & Taylors Rd Angle Vale
330 m S from intersection of Angle Vale & Taylors rd, Angle Vale
Pittosporum phylliraeoides
Native apricot, weeing pittosporum
One of the few survivors of the original Peachey Belt dated 200-400 years old
One Tree Hill
Extends 1km E of Para Wirra Rd on southern side of Kersbrook rd, OTH
Eucalyptus camaldulensis & E. leucoxylon
River red gum & SA Blue gum
Row of trees
Seavington Rd, Elizabeth
Seavington rd, Jubillee Park, Elizabeth Park
Platanus hybrid
London plane
Individual tree
Boundary park Elizabeth Vale
In the creek bed of Boundary park of Coppleridge Drive, Elizabeth Vale
Eucalyptus camaldulensis
River red gum
Elizabeth Park
Jubilee Park
Jubilee Park, Seavington st, approx. 300m south of Seavington & Seaborough rds T-junction
Eucalyptus camaldulensis
River Red gum
Stand/ row of trees
Elizabeth Park
Olive Grove, Midway rd & Yorktown rd
Olive grove reserve
Olea europaea
Stand/ row
John Rive Ave
Elizabeth Vales
South side of John Rice Ave, 50m E from the roundabout intersection from Phillip Highway
Eucalyptus camaldulensis
River Red gum
Stand/ row
Indee Cres, Munno Para
On steep slope 150m SE Indee Cres, Craigmore
Allocasuarina verticillata
Drooping sheoak
Individual tree
Elizabeth Vale
Harry Bowie reserve, Salisbury Park
Eucalyptis camaldulensis
River Red Gum
Individual tree
Angle Vale
Heaslip rd
Lauriston winery grounds, Heaslip rd 1.4km south of Angle Vale rd, Heaslip road intersection
Eucalyptus porose E camaldulensis
River red gum, Golden wattle
Original Collins family Collinsville stud in mid north of SA. Later owned by Sir Ellerton Becker – Smithfield Pastoral comp
Angle Vale
Heaslip rd
Western side of Heslip rd, 1.4km south of Angle Vale Heaslip rd interection
Pyrus communis
Believed to be planted by the Collins family. Original home stood in present day Lauriston winery
Smithfield Augusta Square
Augusta Square
Anne & Kirk st
Eucalyptus camaldulensis
River Red Gum
Original site of Smithfield Presbyterian church

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