Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Merging old and new photographs

I love the merging of old and new photographs, photographs that are retaken in the exact spot years later.  This is a fantastic version of that.

SOLDIERS injured and exhausted, traumatised by war reveal the real face of World War II as they are merged with modern-day street views. 
Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse was at a flea maket in 2007 when she found some battered old negatives. The harrowing images depicted a war-ravaged Europe and invited Teeuwisse to learn more about them.

Ghosts of historyThe old and new are seamlessly merged. Cherbourg, avenue de Paris, ancien Poste de Police, jardin Public. http://www.facebook.com/thenandnowghostsofhistory/info

The historical expert took the box of around 300 negatives home and set about trying to find their original locations. Traveling around she managed to locate the scenes of the gruesome episodes of war that each picture depicts. She then compiled the old negatives with new images, taken in the same spots, to bring to life these harrowing tales.

For more images click on the photograph above.

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