Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beautiful Elizabeth postcards

Sometimes you come across gems in your collections.  I love this post card set that was produced around the 1960's, featuring images of Beautiful Elizabeth.  If anyone can place the aerial photograph, more specifically than Elizabeth, I would love to know.

Elizabeth town centre

Aerial view of Elizabeth


  1. Hi. Better late than never?
    The aerial photo was taken from the north, about over Smithfield. Diagonal twin black lines are Main North Road, to the right is Elizabeth North, which at the time, ended at Konanda and Old Sarum Roads.
    The small traingular patch of grass at the extreme lower centre, with the wide track around it, is now the Smithfield Army base. Just above the lowest row of houses in the North, is the no longer Broadmeadows Primary School.
    To the left of M. Nth Rd is Elizabeth Downs, and Eliz Park.
    The Elizabeth City Centre (then Town Centre) is just on and above the crease/join at the top of the picture. The line to the right of the picture forming the boundary for building, is the Gawler train line. I would, at a guess, date the photo as late 1959-1960, as my home has a dirt road outside, yet to be sealed, and was built in June 1959.

  2. Actually, just to correct the previous comment, the heavy brown track, was at the time, the council border between Elizabeth and Smithfield. The Army base is a little off the picture, and the aforementioned triangle, has homes built on it, just south east of the base.