Friday, September 21, 2012

A bit of country at Elizabeth

The Elizabeth Country Women’s Association (CWA) began in the Scout Hut, ELizabeth Grove in 1960 and is one of the 11 branches forming the Barossa group.  The Barossa group with the Light group (10 branches), Warne’s group (14 branches) make the lower northern division.
The Branch presidents are usually in office for three years but for Elizabeth it has been two years. The first President was Mrs. J Shannon in 1960-61 with Mrs. Joyce Eastland as secretary.

Branch meetings were held on the second Tuesday of each month.  Business is discussed and there is usually a speaker or demonstrator. Several outings are also organized per year.  Handicraft day is on each fourth Thursday. 
In 1963 the CWA moved to the Navalman's Hall in Elizabeth South.  It then moved to the YMCA Hall for several months in 1966 and then to the Legacy Hall in Elizabeth South.  In 1971-72 it moved locations again to the RAFA 1200 Club rooms on Phillip Highway, then finally to the  Uniting Church Hall, Midway rd, Elizabeth Downs November 1982.

Money was raised by raffles, street stalls and catering.  The money was used to

·       donate a wheelchair to the Cripples Children’s Assoc
·       Wheelchair to Red Cross
·       Barkuma
·       St John Ambulance
·       RDNS
·       Lyell McEwin hospital children’s pajamas and camps
·       To assist disabled child with exercised from Elizabeth North, (expenses).

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